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June 12, 2005


Women sparked an anti-government protest in Tehran

Boston, MA- Several hours ago, a sit-in without a permit, organized by women in front of Tehran University, drew thousands against Iran’s fundamentalist regime. Iranian women took matters in their own hands to protest against Iran’s constitution that bans women to run for presidency. “We shouldn't expect them to do anything, we should do it ourselves”, said one woman to a foreign reporter during the sit-in.


The sit-in, which began at 5 p.m. local time, grew within an hour, to a very large protest against the regime. As the anti-riot forces moved to block the protest and more people joining the crowd, the chants became louder and more radical against the fundamentalist regime. Thousands of women, students and young protesters shouted “Down with dictators”, “Free all political prisoners”, “We cry for freedom and equality”, “No to this election, that is the people’s slogan”, “We stand united, we have no fear”, and “No to oppression, no to corruption”.


As the regimes’ secrete police, in plain clothing, began to break the crowd a part in front of Tehran University, the protesters moved to various streets and avenues. Reports indicate protesters poured in to Enghelab Street and moved towards Enghelab Square. The crowd grew larger as they reached Karegar Avenue and walked towards Keshavarz Boulevard. Women shouted “Unequal law, inhuman justice”, “human rights can only exist in a free Iran”, and “Misogyny is the root of tyranny”, and thousands followed them.  While denouncing the upcoming presidential election, protesters shred election posters and placards.

Clashes with anti-riot and paramilitary policemen broke out in various locations. Anti-riot policemen were seen hitting women with batons. Many were dragged and driven away by the paramilitary forces.


WFAFI has received reports that sporadic clashes have continued in Tehran and there is a strong police presence around the university and surrounding areas.





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